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Please note that I am not an authority of the performace on the Skymaster. The figures you see below are taken from external sources and I cannot be held resonsible for any errors.
Source - Rising Up Aviation Resources
I assume all measurements are American ie US gallons etc

ModelTop Speed (kts)Cruise Speed (kts)Stall Speed (kts)Gross Weight (lbs)Empty Weight (lbs)Fuel Capacity (gal)Range (nm)Takeoff Ground Roll (ft)Rate of Climb (fpm)Service Ceiling (ft)Landing Ground Roll (ft)


Source - message posted on message board by Frank & Benny Benvin

Information from owners manual

Gross Weight 4000lbs Speed,Best Power Mixture Top speed at sea level 200mph Cruise, 75% power at 5500ft 192mph Range,normal lean mixture Cruise, 75% power at 5500ft 765mi 92 gallons,no reserve 4.0hrs

191mph Cruise, 75% power at 5500ft 1070mi 128 gallons,no reserve 5.6hrs

191mph Optimum range at 10,000ft 985mi 92 gallons no reserve 6.8hrs

144mph Optimum range at 10,000ft 1370mi 128 gallons, no reserve 9.5hrs

144mph Rate of climb at sea level Twin engine 1250fpm Front engine only 335fpm Rear engine 415fpm Service ceiling Twin engine 20,000ft Front engine only 7500ft Rear engine only 9500ft Take-off Ground Run 845ft total distance over 50ft obstacle 1490ft Landing Landing roll 590ft Landing roll over 50ft obstacle 1500ft Stall speed flaps down, power off 66mph Empty weight (approximate) 2615lbs Baggage allowable 365lbs Wing loading pounds/sq. ft. 21.4 Power loading pounds/hp 10.2 Fuel capacity Standard tanks 93 gallons With optional auxiliary tanks 131 gallons Oil capacity total 5 gallons Proppellers (constant speed/full feathering 76" diameter Engines Two continental fuel injected I0-360-C/D 210 rated BHP at 2800 rpm

Note: Single service ceiling increases 400ft for each 30 minutes of fuel burn


Source House's Guide to Light Aircraft 1970

Wingspan 38ft (11.58m)
Length 29ft 9in (9.07m)
Gross Take-off weight 4500lb (2041kg)
Empty weight 2655lb (1204kg)
Useful load 1845lb (737kg)
Fuel capacity 78UKgal 93USgal (353l)
Power plant Twin Continental IO-360-C 210hp engines
Propellers 2-blade constant speed fully feathering, diameter 6ft 4in (1.93m)
Track Width 8ft 2in (2.49m)
Airframe Aluminium alloy, semi-monocoque

Performance (ISA conditions)

Take-off distance to 50ft, max load from hard runway 1545ft (471m)
Initial rate of climb 1200ft/min (366m/min)
Best climb speed 113mph (183km/h)
Service ceiling 19500ft (5944m)
Max level Speed 199mph (320km/h)
Cruise at 75% power at 5000ft - 189mph (304km/h 164knots)
Max Range 965miles (1553km 838nm)
Aerobatic rating +3.8g -1.52g
Stall speed (flaps up) 78mph(126km/h)
Stall speed (flaps down) 69mph (111km/h)
Best approach speed 95mph (154km/h)
Landing distance to touch down from 50ft (15m) - 950ft (213m)
Ground roll 700ft (213m)