a super flying shot of this aircraft taken at Pine Flat Lake, California by Bob Murray (31k)
taken from an advert in a magazine for Bendix Weather Radar (57k)
from the files of www.sellaircraft.com (27k)
from the files of ASO (33k)
Santa Ynez, California is where Martin Smith took this one on 4 May 1998
taken at Tamiami-Kendell, FL on 1 Mar 1992 by Peter Frei
from the files of ASO (36k)
from the files of ASO (35k)
from the files of Double Eagle Inc (21k)
N3SM (2005)N3SM

From the files of ASO (27k)

Egelsbach (EDFE) Germany
April 24, 2004
Andreas Barowski
No Thumb NailN4AQ
Carlsbad-McClellan Palomar, CA on 15 Jun 1994 by Peter Frei
No Thumb NailN4BF
from the files of ASO
No Thumb NailN4BU
James A. Baron sent me this nice shot of his families 337 (23k)
No Thumb NailN4CT
Black & white air-to-air shot of this one from Flight International magazine dated 1 March 1973 (23k)
No Thumb NailN4G
from the files of ASO (29k)
(cn 33701787) Farmingdale - Republic (FRG / KFRG) USA - New York
September 4, 2004
Tom Turner

Buffalo - Niagara (Greater Buffalo) International (BUF / KBUF) USA - New York
March 7, 2004
Daniel Wojdylo
No Thumb NailN4PF
Is/was advertised for sale at http://www.qnis.net/~majestic/cessna.html

Longmont - Vance Brand (2V2) USA - Colorado
November 7, 1999
Chris Barrow

Naples - Municipal (APF / KAPF) USA - Florida
March 12, 2005
Erick Stamm
(cn P3370339) Atlanta - DeKalb-Peachtree (PDK / KPDK) USA - Georgia
June 4, 2005
No Thumb NailN5KZ
from the files of ASO
No Thumb NailN6SE
Lodi-Municipal, California, 14/5/98 by Martin Smith
No Thumb NailN7CM
from the files of Wings-on-Line Aircraft Sales
(cn 337-0609) New Philadelphia - Harry Clever Field (PHD) USA - Ohio
May 9, 2004
Terry Shepherd
(cn P3370202) Montreal - Pierre Elliott Trudeau International (Dorval) (YUL / CYUL) Canada - Quebec
October 11, 2003
Nicolas St-Germain

Resnick (N89) USA - New York
September 2003
Mariusz Siecinski
No Thumb NailN12NA
from the files of ASO (17k)
No Thumb NailN15SA
(Spectrum SA-550)
A conversion from a FTB337 with only a rear engine and lengthened nose and fuselage. Taken at Air/Space America 88, Brown Field, San Diego, CA on 21 May 1988 by Bill Word (34k)
No Thumb NailN19EZ
Mike Cardinale sent me this shot of his 337E
No Thumb NailN19F
Stapleford, UK is where C. Dawson took this photo during September 1993 (108k)

Faro (FAO / LPFR) Portugal
Pedro Arag„o
(cn 337-0159) Connellsville (VVS / KVVS) USA - Pennsylvania
September 11, 2004
Terry Shepherd
No Thumb NailN27CT
from the files of ASO (15k)
No Thumb NailN30GP
Deer Valley, Arizona, 26/3/98 by Martin Smith
No Thumb NailN31VR
a fantastic looking skymaster, on sale from ASO
No Thumb NailN34EC
from the files on ASO
No Thumb NailN37BJ
a converted Skymaster, unusual. Thanks to Gerd Wengler.
No Thumb NailN37LS
San Mateo County, California 22/5/98 by Martin Smith
No Thumb NailN39RR
from the files of ASO
No Thumb NailN40RM
from the files of ASO
No Thumb NailN42WA
from the files of ASO
No Thumb NailN44HE
Kenai-Int'l, AK is the setting for this Peter Frei shot on 30 Jun 1986
No Thumb NailN50DW
A superb magazine scanned shot (38k)
No Thumb NailN51WM
Deer Valley, AZ on 8/11/97 by Martin Smith
No Thumb NailN56S
from the files of ASO (40k)
No Thumb NailN58BB
(O-2 M0083)
taken at Tamiami on 17/03/93 by Martin Smith (45k)

Miami - Opa Locka (OPF) USA - Florida
February 11, 2001

Miami - Opa Locka (OPF) USA - Florida
February 11, 2001
No Thumb NailN62PC
taken at Tamiami on 17/03/93 by Martin Smith (39k)

Krems - Langenlois (LOAG) Austria
August 20, 2000
Gerry Hill - WorldAirImages
No Thumb NailN64S
from the files of ASO
(cn 3370047) Brisbane (- Eagle Farm) (BNE / YBBN) Australia - Queensland
August 8, 2000
Lindsay Hockey
No Thumb NailN69S
Sorry can't remember where I go this one from (36k)
No Thumb NailN70S
from the files of ASO (23k)
No Thumb NailN74E
from the files of ASO (20k)
(cn 33701660) Racine - John H. Batten (RAC / KRAC) USA - Wisconsin
September 11, 2005

Daytona Beach - Spruce Creek (7FL6) USA - Florida
Angelo Ricci
(cn 33701874) Marina Muni (OAR) USA - California
February 15, 2005
Patrick Moran
No Thumb NailN84NX
Unusual Skymaster with thanks to Gerd Wengler
No Thumb NailN94C
Photo at Torrance, CA, June 1986 by C. Dawson (34k)
No Thumb NailN99MH
Photo at Camarillo, CA, February 1988 by C. Dawson (32k)

As you can see many of these photographs come from the files of Aircraft Shopper Online (ASO), www.sellaircraft.com, Wings-on-Line and Double Eagle Inc so as I have borrowed (!) their pictures then it is only right that I mention their aircraft sales services. All the aircraft above that have pictures from ASO, Wings-on-Line or Double Eagle Inc have either been sold by them or are still up for sale. Check out their sites for further details.

More photos will be added as and when I get some more.

I am always on the search for more photos of Skymasters both for my own collection of photo and for this site. If you have one that you are willing to let me have please email me at skymaster at clara dot net. Any photo submitted will not be put on this site unless I have your permission to do so.